Dyrick Schaefer resides in Massachusetts. He received a BFA from the University of Hartford art school in 1974.  While attending University of Hartford he studied under Rudolph F. Zallinger (Pulitzer Award for painting in 1949).  After graduating, he worked as a display artist for a major retail store and pursued graduate work and received a teaching certificate from Suffolk University Boston, then becoming an art teacher in Massachusetts public schools.

Shortly after, he started a retail furniture business and has been a business owner. Being an artist helped in store design and merchandising. He is now retired from the business and is a full time artist.

Dyrick has been seriously painting for the last 18 years, and his work has won numerous awards and can be found internationaly. He is available for commission work and converses with his clients in accomplishing their needs and desires.

                                                               Artist Statement

My paintings are of many different kinds of subjects and as an artist, my goal is to recreate the feelings and fond memories of life and nature. Inspirations come from scenic views, splashes of light, or brilliant colors. And sometimes it can be something as simple as an action.

Creating the emotional impact of these moments is what I strive for. There is considerable time spent on the technical aspects of the paintings to achieve a painterly realism and sometimes fantasy.

To create a painting that speaks both to myself and others is the greatest satisfaction. It all makes it worthwhile.

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